About Linc Plumbing

Linc Plumbing partners with custom and volume Builders in the Greater Houston and surrounding areas to install plumbing from ground stage through final details. Our experience includes basic rental property construction and spans to custom homes featuring free-standing tubs, floor mounted faucets, extensive custom showers and more. When you hire our team, you won’t be disappointed.

We provide our services to residential and corporate clients throughout the area, and the customer experience we offer is driven by our solid set of core values:


We value our RELATIONSHIPS with our clients, suppliers, and employees. We recognize that understanding customer needs, listening, and communicating expectations are critical to our ongoing success and the achievement of our vision.


We value INTEGRITY in our craftsmanship and work ethic. We ensure jobs are completed thoroughly, efficiently, and to a high standard, optimizing both time and quality.


We value EXCELLENCE. We apply the highest standards to ensure the plumbing, gas, fixtures, and drainage structures we install are built to last and deliver clean and reliable resources to our customers.


We value PASSION for our industry and the markets we serve, working with purpose and remaining enthusiastic about everything we do.


We value IMPACT through the development of our employees, alliances with our suppliers, partnerships with our clients, and contributions to the industry and markets we serve.

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