Garbage Disposal Issues

Garbage disposal system isn’t working properly


Common issue: Garbage disposal hums but won’t operate properly

Potential solution: Start by resetting the system by pushing the button that is located at the base of the disposer. If this doesn’t work, turn off the main power supply and use a flashlight to see if anything is blocking the drain. If you spot something, attempt to remove it with long pliers or some form of grasping tool.

DO NOT put your hand into the waste disposal at any time.

Some waste disposals come with a hex key jam clearing tool; you may find it under the sink or taped to the side of the disposal. Look for the slot at the bottom of the disposer, insert the key, and gently turn it back and forth to clean any items that are blocking the disposal. If your kitchen sink is not draining properly, you’ll need to take action fast before the water becomes stagnant, the food starts to rot, or you attract bugs and other critters.